NAATD Visiting Fellow

Since 2001 our Association has presented to all members across Australia the “Annual NAATD Visiting Fellow Program” – during alternate years to our “ANZCED” conference.  

Through this program Teachers of the Deaf in all states have had the opportunity to meet and hear presentations from the following NAATD Visiting Fellows; 

2010  Prof. John Luckner from the University of Northern Colorado, USA
2008  Dr. Linda Byrne from the University of Melbourne
2006  Dr. Maria Remine from the University of Melbourne
2004  Susan Lewis and Andrew Broughton from the UK
2002  Dr. Shirin Antia from the University of Arizona, USA
2001  Dr. Susan Gregory from the University of Manchester, UK

We are delighted to announce that the 2014 Visiting Fellow is Dr Dunay Taljaard. She will be presenting in August so please check with your state branch for more details!